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Flex rollers

Flex rollers Flex rollers picture 2 Flex rollers picture 3

Product features

  • bendable rollers
  • suitable for insertion (also in combination with waves fluid) and for perm
  • very smooth and gentle to the hair
  • the copper wire inside guarantees that the flex roller assumes the form very good and keeps it
  • high quality materials: flexible foam, plastic and copper wire
  • available in various colours and sizes
  • 12 pieces per bag

More information

Product no.:
41180:diameter 10 mm, length 18 cm
41179:diameter 12 mm, length 18 cm
41176:diameter 17 mm, length 18 cm
41172:diameter 15 mm, length 25 cm
41171:diameter 17 mm, length 25 cm
41170:diameter 19 mm, length 25 cm

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